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Zenitel AA711 Intercom Station

Zenitel AA711 Intercom Station

“The Zenitel AA711 Intercom station is the successor of AA701 with a totally new re-design in high-grade, light grey impact resistant ABS plastic with satin finish”

Discontinued Pro700 Intercom System

We are sorry the Pro700 Intercom System is no longer manufactured, a small range of spares are available while stocks last.

If you have a station which needs repair we can still make repairs as long as we can get the parts.

Please visit our "Intercom Products Range" page to find an alternative.



  • Loud-speaking hands-free communication and confidential soft-speaking handset
  • Programmable features and extension numbers
  • Total privacy, telephone mode
  • Internal 1 watt amplifier
  • Adjustable speaker volume in 16 levels with two keys
  • An external loudspeaker can be connected to the stations wall socket
  • 8 digit LCD display shows caller identification and message / absence information
  • Built-in relay for door-lock control or optional warning
  • Desk or wall using wall bracket


Zenitel AA711 Intercom Station Description

The Zenitel AA711 Intercom station is the successor of AA701 with a totally new re-design in high-grade, light grey impact resistant ABS plastic with satin finish. New features of the AA711 include a built-in relay for doorlock control or optional warning, and connection for an external digit ‘6’ or ‘9’ call switch.

The Zenitel AA711 station has a full 15 button keyboard and display. It can call to, and receive calls from all stations in the system, and perform all-call and group-call, emergency call and silent alarm. The LCD display shows calling
and feature status as well as absence information. A tri-color LED adds status information for the user. Subscriber number and station features are programmed by switches inside the station.

Pro700 is a decentralized system which does not require any central unit, each station is microprocessor controlled, providing an extensive range of standard and programmable features. Pro700 is a fully electronic
intercom system for loud-speaking hands-free duplex communication. The system is designed for up to 40 subscribers connected in star, parallel or loop on a four-wire bus. An entertainment program can be distributed on a separate two-wire line to all stations. Stations support external loudspeakers for increased sound power. AA711 is prepared for use as an operator or guard station in a Call Annunciation System (CAS) where up to 37 Call-in stations can report to 1-3 operator stations.


Part Number:AA711
Size (WxHxD):68 x 225 x 45 mm
Weight:0.3 kg
Accessories:Requires separately ordered station cord

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