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Emergency Intercom Help Points

Emergency Intercom Help Points

“Emergency Intercom Help Points provide assistance at the push of a button, allowing immediate contact with the security or information desk from specific locations within your site”

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Emergency Intercom Help Points Description

Emergency Intercom Help Points provide assistance at the push of a button, allowing immediate contact with the security or information desk from specific locations within your site. These systems can be used anywhere people might need access to emergency help or information, including university campuses, airports, and town centres.

If an accident or incident occurs on site, it is comforting for both employees and the general public to know there is quick access to emergency help when it is needed.

STENTOFON AlphaCom or Pro700 Emergency Intercom Help Points can also be programmed to trigger CCTV cameras at the corresponding help point when a button is pushed. This allows security personnel to view what is happening at the scene, so they can tailor their response appropriately.

These Intercom Help Points can also be used as communication and information points at shopping centres, public attractions and places of interest. They allow the user to easily find out directions, locations and more, without the inconvenience of having to walk great distances to find the tourist information office.

Utilising two-way hands-free technology, STENTOFON Convention and IP Substations allow users to speak freely with security or informational personnel, without having to hold down a button. When activated in emergencies, the Help Point can be programmed to use high power lamp and strobe flashes to deter criminals and alert help to the scene.

You’ll benefit from connection to external IP video camera and superb, wideband audio quality allowing security staff to see and hear more clearly. There is also a tamper alarm which provides enhances system security.

Alongside this, the system boasts remote software upgrades, configuration and monitoring – meaning your system can be maintained and kept in line with technology, without physical visits.

These systems are ideal for locations in which there large volumes of visitors, who may not know where to go to get help.

System Features

Optional Features:


Pro700 Intercom System

The Pro700 Intercom System range is packed with lots of the features that you would expect to find in the higher-end intercom systems of other manufacturers.

Ring Communications are one of the telecoms industry’s leaders. This is no more evident than in the Pro700 Intercom System range of devices. Offering a level of variety that makes it perfect for use in a multitude of industries, the Pro700 is an intercom range that punches well above its weight.

The Pro700 Intercom System range is packed with lots of the features that you would expect to find in the higher-end intercom systems of other manufacturers. This is ideal if your business needs room for growth. Whilst optimum benefits are to be attained at around the 20-station installation level.

The Pro700 Intercom System is an excellent choice if you are looking to keep your business costs down. Simple wiring combines with no central exchange to maximise cost efficacy. The Pro700 places quality and value at a premium whatever your usage environment:

Intercom Markets

The vast amount of choice that is provided within the Pro700 range is formidable, offering what essentially equates to a range of different devices, all within one range that offers total integration. Within the Pro700 range there are 6 different master systems to choose from, combined with 5 different variations of substation. Add this to further equipment and interface unit options and you’ve got the ability to create an intercom solution that’s totally tailored to your own unique requirements.

There are innumerable reasons why the Pro700 range represents a top option. Just a few of the main ones include hands-free duplex communication, hands-free speech, group calls, emergency all-call and music distribution.

*The Pro700 is a hard wired Intercom. All stations are interconnected with twisted 2-pair cable (CAT5/6 cable is a good choice as it is used by many installers for data cabling). The Pro700 can be wired in a star, loop or serial configuration.

Pro700 Features:

  • Max 20 stations, for 2-+ stations please visit AlphaCom System
  • Standard power supply,  24-27V DC
  • No system exchange
  • Stations with LCD display
  • All Call and two Group Calls with auto answer back
  • One program distribution channel
  • Wide range of standard and programmable features
  • Simple installation, loop or Star cabling
  • Hands-free conversation, semi duplex
  • Control of external audible or visible signal devices
  • Easy to program using internal station dip switches
  • Interface to Public Address
  • 20 ohm loudspeaker can be connected

The Pro700 requires no central exchange and is wired using two twisted pair cable. good quality  telephone cable or CAT5/6 is recommended.


Pulse IP Intercom System Description

Simple to integrate and expand, the Pulse IP Intercom System is Based on STENTOFON’s IP technology, Pulse Intercom System offers High Definition voice quality, simple installation and ease of use. The IP-based system works by utilizing an existing IP network infrastructure. It employs open standards including SIP, HTTP and XML, making it simple to integrate and expand with third-party systems.

Reduce installation time and cost STENTOFON Pulse intercom system provides a smart and simple interface that reduces installation time and cost. To install Pulse, one station is selected as the primary station or system master. This master station provides SIP sever functions to the other stations in the system and optionally any third-party IP telephones and gateways. Depending on the number of stations in the system, basic installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

No central server is required after the management software is activated for the chosen master station, all that is required is configuration of directory numbers of the other stations. Since the system does not require a central server, connection of the IP stations to the network is all that is needed for system set-up.

Simple installation and ease of use:

  • Pulse Intercom System allows up to 16 IP intercom stations per system
  • No central server equipment required
  • Auto discovery of IP stations
  • System setup using web browser in less than 10 minute


IP & VoIP Intercom Station



AlphaCom XE Intercom Exchange

The AlphaCom XE Intercom Exchange is the most powerful and flexible communication platform on the market enabling your security system to act in the most effective and fastest possible way during critical situations.

With AlphaCom XE audio servers, flexibility is key. You can have just a few or thousands of users spread around different locations. Thanks to its open, modular design and scalable architecture, AlphaCom XE has the flexibility to grow with your business and adapt to your long term needs. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.

STENTOFON’s CCoIP® (Critical Communication over IP) implies the employment of Voice over IP applications required in critical situations. AlphaCom XE is designed with CCoIP incorporation which ensures the delivery of instant and secure voice and data services. The AlphaCom XE system provides carrier class system availability and protects resources in an IP environment by using embedded IP security mechanisms. The main security mechanisms used are restricted management access, separate management interface, internal firewall, integrity check (MD5), virtual LAN (IEEE 802.1Q) and network access control (IEEE 802.1X).


  • Analogue or IP Stations
  • Multiple Exchanges can be linked
  • 4 Exchange sizes cover all requirements
    • AlphaCom XE1 – Supports 552 IP Intercom Stations, Energey Saving with a Power Consumption of Max 4W
    • AlphaCom XE7 – Supports 552 IP intercom stations and 36 analog intercom stations with SIM card based software configuration and disaster
    • AlphaCom XE20 –  Supports 552 IP intercom stations and 102 analog intercom stations with SIM card based software configuration and disaster
    • AlphaCom XE26 – Supports 552 IP intercom stations and 138 analog intercom stations with SIM card based software configuration and disaster
  • One site or Multiple sites
  • Interface to CCTV, Telephone
  • Audio Recording


Here at RingUK we have a considered approach to Specifying Intercom Systems, based on methodically detailing every aspect of each client’s needs. It is then and only then that we are accurately able to design an intercom system that fulfils the exact specifications of the client.

Over the years Specifying Intercom Systems this exacting approach has enabled us to develop a solid aggregate understanding of each sector whose intercom requirements we deal with. In drawing upon this we are able to quickly develop a blueprint that we then tailor to the specifics of each client’s brief. The efficacy of this procedure means we are very rarely unable to overcome unforeseen problems – if ever.

You cannot buy experience, and it’s our experience in Specifying Intercom Systems that makes us great at adapting and thinking laterally to devise the best intercom solution for our clients. This often means taking a standard intercom system and integrating it with specialised design features to create a setup that is equal in its uniqueness to the exacting needs of the client.

This is all part of an overall standard of service that we feel is unavailable elsewhere within our industry. We place a premium on total customer satisfaction, which is why we are always looking to extend and improve our product range, and to maximise value. Our position within the industry in terms of our size, reputation and our relationship with suppliers means we are able to cut costs without cutting corners.

With many years of experience in the broadcast and communications industry, RingUK have built  up an impressive portfolio of products and knowledge from leading  manufacturers.

Distributor, Partner & Resellers For:

RingUK specialises in assisting buyers, specifiers and end-users in the process of recommending and purchasing specialist communications equipment for various commercial applications including:


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Our specialist communications advice team has over 25 years of experience, specifying and commissioning communications systems that meet the objectives of our clients. Our service centres on enabling our clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision when investing in suitable communications equipment.

For more information

    Contact intercom specialists Ring UK today for professional advice about which system you should go for. We will assess your requirements and research and explain all the options available to you to help you or your client choose a perfect Intercom system that meets your needs.

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