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Room Intercom Systems

Room Intercom Systems are ideal for both entry control and on-site communications. AlphaCom, and Pulse solutions help businesses to protect their assets and improve the security of staff, by monitoring and controlling who enters and leaves the building.

Room Intercom Systems can greatly improve productivity, allowing staff to speak to and control entry remotely, rather than having to answer the door in person. As such, it also raises customer service levels, meaning visitors can be dealt with more quickly.

Recent advances in the design and technology of Room Intercom Systems have created the opportunity for organisations to increase operational efficiency and systems reliability, while reducing up-front and ongoing costs. But when faced with the great variety of systems on offer, we understand choosing the one that’s right for your organisation can be daunting.

Whatever your project, there is a Room Intercom Systems to suit your exact requirements at Ring UK. We have the ability to supply simple solutions for entry control use in offices or industrial units, or systems suitable for medical facilities such as a health clinics, veterinary surgeries or accident and emergency units.

We also offer solutions which are ideal for schools, colleges or larger extended campuses, right through to airports, or large industrial sites, with multiple different entrances and exits. Rest assured, we have the experience and expertise to help you however large or small your site.

By seeking expert advice from the intercom specialists at Ring UK, you will significantly reduce the time you spend looking for the system that fits your business. We can help you by assessing your fundamental requirements and researching and evaluating options. In doing this, we will help to improve the overall result for you or for your client.

When time is money, and peace of mind matters, contact the Intercom specialists at Ring UK.