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Ring Master Intercom Equipment

Ring Master Intercom Equipment

“The Ring Master or Ring-Master range of Equipment has been superseded by the Zenitel range, AlphaCom & Pulse”

Products We Repair

“We are proud to provide intercom equipment repairs for Ring Master CB600 & Pro700, most of this equipment can be repaired. We stock the Pro700 range as well as a number of second hand parts.
The CB600 & Pro700 range of intercom equipment is installed on sites world wide, and has given many years service but in some cases it needs servicing. Ring Communications have been working on this equipment for many years and have a wide experience in repairing the intercom stations”


Pro700 Ring Master Intercom Equipment

Pro700 – Ideal small Intercom system up to 20 stations, 1 speech channel, 1 Music Channel

  • There is now  need for a central exchange.
  • Simple  installation loop or star wiring.
  • Hands free  operation.
  • Easy to expand.
  • Wide range of  features.
Discontinued Pro700 Intercom System

We are sorry the Pro700 Intercom System is no longer manufactured, a small range of spares are available while stocks last.

If you have a station which needs repair we can still make repairs as long as we can get the parts.

Please visit our "Intercom Products Range" page to find an alternative.




Pulse – STENTOFON Pulse is a serverless intercom communication system offering exceptional voice quality. It is suitable for any environment based on the variety of STENTOFON IP intercom stations.

  • Allows up to 16 serverless intercom stations per system
  • Supports all STENTOFON IP Stations
  • No central server equipment required
  • Stations support Active Noise Cancellation
  • High Definition Voice
  • Compatible with STENTOFON AlphaCom making it easy to expand system



Alphacom – Ideal medium to large Intercom system, from 6 stations on one site, to several thousand, spread over multiple international sites

  • Analogue  connected via CAT5 cable in a star configuration.
  • Or  IP (VoIP, SIP) connected to a local IP network.
  • Or  a combination of both analogue and IP.
  • Large  selection of station.
  • Interface to PBX exchange and CCTV equipment



Here at RingUK we have a considered approach to Specifying Intercom Systems, based on methodically detailing every aspect of each client’s needs. It is then and only then that we are accurately able to design an intercom system that fulfills the exact specifications of the client.

Over the years Specifying Intercom Systems this exacting approach has enabled us to develop a solid aggregate understanding of each sector whose intercom requirements we deal with. In drawing upon this we are able to quickly develop a blueprint that we then tailor to the specifics of each client’s brief. The efficacy of this procedure means we are very rarely unable to overcome unforeseen problems – if ever.

You cannot buy experience, and it’s our experience in Specifying Intercom Systems that makes us great at adapting and thinking laterally to devise the best intercom solution for our clients. This often means taking a standard intercom system and integrating it with specialized design features to create a setup that is equal in its uniqueness to the exacting needs of the client.

This is all part of an overall standard of service that we feel is unavailable elsewhere within our industry. We place a premium on total customer satisfaction, which is why we are always looking to extend and improve our product range, and to maximize value. Our position within the industry in terms of our size, reputation and our relationship with suppliers means we are able to cut costs without cutting corners.

With many years of experience in the broadcast and communications industry, RingUK have built  up an impressive portfolio of products and knowledge from leading  manufacturers.

Distributor, Partner & Resellers For:

RingUK specialises in assisting buyers, specifiers and end-users in the process of recommending and purchasing specialist communications equipment for various commercial applications including:


Our specialist communications advice team has over 25 years of experience, specifying and commissioning communications systems that meet the objectives of our clients. Our service centres on enabling our clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision when investing in suitable communications equipment.

For more information

    Contact intercom specialists Ring UK today for professional advice about which system you should go for. We will assess your requirements and research and explain all the options available to you to help you or your client choose a perfect Intercom system that meets your needs.

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