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Clean Room and Operating Theatre Intercom Station – AA706

Clean Room and Operating Theatre Intercom Station - AA706

Discontinued Pro700 Intercom System

We are sorry the Pro700 Intercom System is no longer manufactured, a small range of spares are available while stocks last.

If you have a station which needs repair we can still make repairs as long as we can get the parts.

Please visit our "Intercom Products Range" page to find an alternative.


“The AA706 Clean Room and Operating Theatre Intercom Station. this station can be flush mount or surface mounted using selected backbox”

for use with Pro700 system.

Station Features:

  • Specially designed for hospital Cleanrooms
  • Flush or on-wall mounting in optional back box
  • Foil front with numeric keypad including volume
  • Simplex and cancel buttons
  • Washable front using cleaning detergents and chemicals
  • Front material is antimicrobial treated
  • Built-in microphone and loudspeaker
  • Inputs for program distribution, remote emergency call
  • Outputs for external loudspeaker, “door opening” and CAS call-in/ doorbell lamp

System Features:


Clean Room and Operating Theatre Intercom Station Description

The AA706 Clean Room and Operating Theatre Intercom Station. this station can be flush mount or surface mounted using selected backbox, for use with Pro700 system. The front foil on the AA706 clean room station is made with Microban® technology which provides dependable and constant protection against bacterial contamination. When bacteria comes into contact with the foil, the antimicrobial function disrupts the bacterial cell wall killing or inhibiting bacterial growth. Further more, the foil on the AA706 is resistant to chemicals and cleaners, and offers an excellent scratch resistance. When flush mounted in the wall and sealed along the rim, there is no risk of fluid penetration into the station. The protection class is IP 65 front access. The keypad on the AA706 used for selective dialling to all stations from call number 10 to 30. A direct call function can be programmed. The station include a sensitive microphone and a loudspeaker with 3W amplifier. The line and station status is indicated by a tri-color LED. The station call number and functions are programmed with DIP switches inside the station. Connections to line wires and optional input and output equipment are made to screw terminals inside the station.



See Datasheet

Station datasheet

Station Datasheet

AA706 Clean Room Station


Pro700 Intercom System

The Pro700 Intercom System is no longer manufactured, a small range of spares are available, if you have a station which needs repair we can still make repairs as long as we can get the parts.

The Pro700 Intercom System has been replaced by the IP Pulse and AlphaCom Systems.



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