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Heavy Duty Sub Intercom Station – 1007083000

Heavy Duty Sub Intercom Station - 1007083000

“This 1007083000 Heavy Duty Sub Intercom Station is a waterproof model designed for humid, dirty and outdoor conditions”

for use with analogue AlphaCom Intercom System.


  • Programmable call button, simplex and cancel buttons
  • Waterproof and dustproof casing in orange aluminium alloy
  • Noise cancelling dynamic microphone along with red microphone live lamp
  • Built-in loudspeaker and possibility to connect an external loudspeaker.
  • Built-in 10W (8 Ohm) VOX operated power amplifi er for external loudspeaker
  • Screw terminals for easy connection of installation cables
  • Freely programmable extension number


Heavy Duty Sub Intercom Station – 1007083000 Description

This 1007083000 Heavy Duty Sub Intercom Station is a waterproof model designed for humid, dirty and outdoor conditions. It can operate in an ambient temperature range from -20oC to +50oC (-4oF to +122oF). The station consists of a rugged waterproof and dust proof casing (IP65) of orange silumin. The front panel is hinged to the back casing to allow easy access during installation and service. The station has screw terminals with labels and the three glands give waterproof and dust proof connection of installation cable and loudspeaker wires. The station is equipped with a noise cancelling microphone as well as a 20 Ohm loudspeaker. The volume is adjustable with a potentiometer located inside the casing. An external 20-70 Ohm speaker can be connected or, alternatively, connect an 8-20 Ohm speaker for use with the built-in 10 W (8 Ohm) VOX operated power amplifier. The power amplifier requires a separate 12 VAC / 2 A power supply. The external speaker must be placed at least one meter away from the station. The station is programmable for ermanent private mode and is also prepared for connection of an external handset unit.



Size (W x H x D): 160 x 260 x 92 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg

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