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Multipurpose Intercom Unit – BC735

Multipurpose Intercom Unit - BC735

Discontinued Pro700 Intercom System

We are sorry the Pro700 Intercom System is no longer manufactured, a small range of spares are available while stocks last.

If you have a station which needs repair we can still make repairs as long as we can get the parts.

Please visit our "Intercom Products Range" page to find an alternative.


BC735 is a dust and splash proof substation without keyboard, loudspeaker and microphone

Multipurpose Intercom Unit – BC735 Features

  • Splash proof multipurpose substation
  • Processor controlled station without an exchange
  • Simplex or duplex speech control
  • 3 W built-in amplifier
  • Optional 10 W amplifier with “talk back” function can be installed inside the station cabinet
  • Built-in relay for remote control of door lock, camera, etc.
  • Without keypad
  • Programmed via internal switches
  • External audio devices such as combinations of handset, microphone and loudspeaker must be


Multipurpose Intercom Unit – BC735 -Description

The Multipurpose Intercom Unit – BC735 is a dust and splash proof substation without keyboard, loudspeaker and microphone. The station requires an external loudspeaker, which can also be operated as microphone (Talk-back function). An external microphone or handset can also be installed. The station also includes an internal relay for control of door lock, camera, extra call warning device, etc. The station can receive call from all other stations in the system. Direct one key dialling can be operated by installing one external push button.

BC735 include its own processor and software, and shall therefore not be connected to a central exchange. All programming is carried out via switches inside the station.

A 10 W amplifier, FC740, can be installed inside the station cabinet. The amplifier offers a “Talk-back” function. The external loudspeaker can then be used as a combined loudspeaker and microphone. And additional 24 VDC or 24 VAC power supply is then necessary. An external handset module can also be connected to BC735.

All stations are connected in parallel. The cable system is therefore very flexible. It can be star or bus structure. You need one pair for audio and signalling, one pair for power and one pair for program distribution. This is a total of 3 pair twisted cable. A 2 pair twisted pairs cable is sufficient if program distribution is not required.


Multipurpose Intercom Unit – BC735 – Specification

Operating voltageMinimum: 30 mA
Maximum: 200 mA
Maximum with external loudspeaker: 500 mA
Frequency range100 - 5000 Hz
Output power3 W
Type of signalling32 kHz ASK
Remote controlMax. 2 A. res.last
Volume23 dB
Dimensions (DXBXH)63 x 124 x 244 mm
Max. cable length12 VDC: 100 m
18 VDC: 300 m
24 VDC: 500 m
MaterialBeyblend plastic
CE certifcationEN 50081-1: Radiation
EN 50082-1: Immunity

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