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Vandal Resistant Substation – 1007056100

1 Button Outdoor Intercom Station - 1007056100

“The STENTOFON Vandal Resistant Substation – 1007056100, durable and resilient, and is designed for use in harsh environments”

for use with analogue AlphaCom system.


  • Made for critical communication
  • Vandal resistant
  • Design in stainless steel (A304) to withstand corrosion
  • Vandal resistant call button
  • Superb audio quality (10 kHz)
  • Advanced supervision functions
  • External or extra call button option


Vandal Resistant Substation – 1007056100 Description

The STENTOFON 1007056100 1 button outdoor intercom station, durable and resilient, and is designed for use in harsh environments. The station has a vandal proof design with 2mm stainless steel front, speaker/microphone protection and steel call button. The station provides high quality hands-free conversations, using the STENTOFON superb wideband audio and loud volume. Together with the durable design, this makes it the communication station of choice for prison cells, doors, gates and emergency points. The station can be placed up to 4 km from the AlphaCom exchange without need for any local power source. The station use the traditional 4-wire interface receiving both power and audio in the same cable. To provide maximum availability the station comes with advanced supervision functions. The station line test will detect if there is any faults in the network or station electronics. In addition the station support tone test, testing the complete transmission path including microphone and speaker. The status of the stations is reported to AlphaWeb as well as to 3rd party management systems using SNMP, Syslog or Microsoft OPC .



Part Number:1007056100
Size (WxHxD):92 x 180 x 25 mm
Weight:0.8 kg
Flush Back Box:1008098100
On Wall Back Box:1008098000
On Wall Back Box:1008098001
On Wall Back Box with Hood as shown:1008098-H